Resorts in Neamt county

Located in the town of Balatatesti, Neamt County, this resort was first documented in the 18th Century for its mineral waters rich in sulfide, iodine, chloride with a concentration of 280g/l. Besides the curing factors of the water, it also must be mentioned the clean ozone air that comes from the nearby forests.

The baths located at an altitude of 475m, were built in the 1810 by prince Cantacuzino. While he was in a hunting trip, he discovers some salt water fountains and being aware of their curing factors he founds a small resort. In 1878 Doctor Dumitru Cantemir buys the resort and further develops it.

The mineral waters from Baltatesti received the golden medal at Paris in 1900 and at Bucharest in 1906. The lodging capacity was 100 rooms in 1938. In 1970 the resort was further developed.

In 1993, the resort was acquired by the Defense Minsitry and it had a lodging capacity of 450 rooms.

The mineral waters from Balatesti are recommended in the treatment of afflictions of the locomotive system, afflictions of peripheral veins, afflictions of the nervous system and afflictions of the respiratory system.

Located 100km away from Piatra-Neamt, Durau is part of the Town of Ceahlau. At 6km away from the town of Durau, a tourist resort with the same name is located near Ceahlau Mountain at an altitude of 180-800 meters.

This resort is recommended for rest, winter sports on the slopes and for treatment and recovery.

The Durau resort has hotels, motels, cabins, restaurants and bars so that tourists will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere