Lakes in Neamt county

Cuejdel lake:
The Cuejdel Lake is located in the Cuejdi basin, 20km northeast of Piatra-Neamt. It was formed after a big landslide of over 35ha started blocking the Cuejdel River. This occurred in a couple of steps starting 1978 and lasted until 1991 when the landslide completely blocked the Cujedel River thus forming a lake.

It was formed after a natural process in the same way the Red Lake formed. It is less known and popular than Red Lake especially for the inhabitants of Piatra-Neamt. It has the potential of becoming a popular attraction for fishing.

Due to an abundance of precipitations that occurred in the spring and summer of the year 199, the landslides started again. The landslides deposited on the bottom of the Cuejdel River various rocks and trees. Due to the landslides, four new lakes hundreds of meters long were formed in the valley.

Izvorul Muntelui lake:
This hydro lake was formed on the Bistrita River and is 127 meters high, 435 meters long and 119 wide. The lake is 40 km long, it has an area of 33 square kilometers and a volume of 1,250 million cube meters. It is a popular attraction and boats can be rented.