Cetatea Neamtului

The Neamt Fortress, a medieval fortress in Moldova, is located near the city of Targu-Neamt. Built in the times of Petru I of Moldova, the fortress reaches its peak during the times of Stephen the Great when it joins the defensive network of fortress of Moldova.

In the year 1691, the Neamt Fortress is successfully defended from the attacks of the Polish army lead by Ian Sobieski. It was later abandoned because of Ottoman pressure.

The fortress was built in two stages. The first stage was built during the times of Petru I Musat. It consisted of a central fort, almost square; the foundation took the form of steps due to the steep terrain. The walls were 2-3 meters thick and 12 meters high and had four defensive towers, one for each corner.

In the exterior, the walls had 15 strong abutments. In the interior, there were extra walls that provided increased support for the exterior walls. In the fortress there was a fountain deep enough to reach the aquifer. These walls are still standing to this day.

The second building stage was done during the times of Stephen the Great (1457-1504). A secondary interior court, 800 square meters, was added and new set of walls, with 4 semicircular towers that could resist artillery fire.